about Die-Casting

Pressure die casting is the method of producing the piece or by injecting molten metal under high pressure into the mold. In this respect, die casting method in which molten metal is poured into the cavity to form the piece after piece cooling to be achieved, much like the casting stride. The only difference between these two methods is how to fill the mold cavity.

The flow of molten metal found under the force of its own weight in stride and goes into the mold while the molten metal pressure die casting method is more quickly into the mold. That is why the die-cast parts with more complex shapes can be produced.

The die-cast mold after closing the mold, the molten material into a pump or injection system (depending on the device design) path, then the piston pump, the molten material through the system quickly fed into the cavity mold sends air exits the cavity through ventilation holes. The pump in some devices have ambient temperature and the temperature of the melt in others.

Then in the second stage when the molten material is cooled inside the cavity, the pump still continues its pressure. In the third stage the mold is opened and the part is ejected.


Die Cast Molds
Die-casting of the metal mold casting stride has been developed. Common to both methods is the use of permanent metal molds. But casting metal molds stride has limitations because only form filling is done under the influence of gravity and therefore access to high speed is not possible for fluid flow. The thin-walled castings with high accuracy as well as under conditions of sharp corners and edges are produced with this method. The pressure casting (die) liquid metal into the mold cavity at high speed is pressed.thereby avoiding the consumption of castings and cast the save.

die casting machine cell

The main advantages of manufacturing through die casting are:

Complex shapes can be produced.

The production rate is too high, especially if multi-cavity molds is.

Consultants pieces produced by a cast of good surface finish and requires no further machining operations due to the economic emergency operations.

Die casting molds, such as molds stride usually worn before, and there will be differences in the dimensions of the piece production, will produce thousands of pieces, the result is less investment to produce the piece.

Another piece of the production methods, the molten metal is cast using more subtle levels we can create the piece.

Most parts produced with the lowest pay, working water are ready.

Aluminum parts produced by other methods such as casting and aluminum die-cast rather than sand usually are more resistant.

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