German auto makers in Iran

Mohammadreza Nematzadeh after his meeting with “Sigmar Gabriel” Economy Minister and Deputy Chancellor of Germany said some very mundane obstacles in the way of cooperation between the two countries, which are the product of several year hiatus, and these relations should be settled one by one are. some of the privatized companies are owed to German banks that they should pay their debts as soon as possible. Fortunately the government of its obligations and agreements have been done. There also prepared in connection with the loans. We also met today with one of the state banks. We hope that with the efforts of both parties to resolve the issue of export insurance. In this regard, it was decided that in the coming days to travel to Tehran Department of the German economy outstanding issues with the central bank and the Ministry of Economy and Finance settle.


He said about cars: In the past, the two sides in the field of industrial cooperation have so we started negotiations after lifting sanctions in this regard. Interested parties, but must be checked to hopefully benefit of both countries.

Nemat Zadeh said: We are in talks with other countries. His talks with the French and the Italians did not end the negotiations for the joint venture is underway. We are also negotiating with other countries such as Germany and tomorrow is supposed to be a visit to the automotive industry. Now both sides are studying, and we hope that this cooperation is also willing to proceed.

Mohammadreza Nematzadeh at the head of a high-level delegation visited the German capital Berlin on Monday that “center of economic cooperation between Iran and Europe” in the area of ​​one thousand square meters in one of the floors in the building “trade union in the Middle East and the Near East Germany “it is actually opened.

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